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Pesta Pulau Pinang

‘God-king’ Francis Light was a hit at the 18th-century Kedah court, but barely kept his head when Britain adopted the ‘Island of Betel Palms’ as its first Malaysian foothold. Ex-colonial daughters and sultans’ sons let bygones be bygones at Pesta Pulau Pinang, turning out for George Town’s lion dancing, trade fairs and a month-long cultural exhibition.

Insider tips:

Pulau Pinang is the official Malay name for the state of Penang, while pesta refers to a festival.

The PPP festival is multi-faceted, containing many local events including beauty pageants, food fairs, markets, etc. It's celebrated throughout the state, so check with local tour operators or your hotel concierge for specific information. The state capital of George Town naturally has some of the most lively happenings.


Event type
Folklore & Traditions
Balls & Parties
Trade fairs
Begins on
Sat, 15 November 2014
Ends on
Mon, 15 December 2014
Annual (fixed)
Multiple venues
City or town
George Town
Area of country
+604 (650) 51 36
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