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Autogenic Training: To Be Aware Of

Autogenic training does have an impact on practitioners – and that is precisely the reason why it is important to learn it properly. In his seminal work on AT, neurologist Johannes H. Schultz strongly recommended that his method should only be employed under the supervision of a trained physician. Today, many people find that this opinion is no longer valid, and that a physician is not required to teach AT. Professionals trained in the areas of therapy or pedagogy are held to be equally suitable as teachers of the method. The important point is that one should learn the technique from a well-trained teacher to be able to practise it correctly on one’s own and to avoid unpleasant side effects. Incorrect use of the heart-stomach-forehead exercises, in particular, can lead to side effects, because AT influences the autonomous nervous system and changes both the perceptive and the reactive ability. It is best therefore to desist from learning autogenic training on one’s own. Tapes and CDs that offer to teach autogenic training should be avoided, because this approach fails to deliver the specific expert advice and moreover defeats the entire purpose. The expression “autogenic” training is also true in the literal sense: The purpose is to rely on one’s own ability to work with and on oneself, without an outside voice. There is another important factor which is absolutely essential for autogenic training, and it requires absolute rigour, consistency and self-discipline. The most important element is not how extensive or long the exercises are, but that they are carried out regularly. One should also be aware that AT cannot perform miracles, no matter how diligently you practise. AT cannot completely change your personality, for example, but it can help you to achieve goals or to improve acceptance of your own weaknesses. AT should not be used with patients suffering from endogenous depression, schizophrenia or compulsive neuroses, or soon after a heart attack.

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